The band REO Speedwagon is one of my favorite bands, and I’ve always known it was named after a car. So when I saw an old car with an REO nameplate on it in the Public Museum archives, well, naturally it caught my attention. I thought it was an actual Speed Wagon at first. But when I did some research I found that it was a Model B Runabout and was the fire chief’s car from 1910. It still has most of the bells and whistles (literally). The reason this interested me is because the REO Motor Car Company was based out of Lansing, MI. They built cars, pick-up trucks, fire trucks and other special-use vehicles from 1905 to 1975. I think this is a cool piece and it should be on display at the museum for more people to see.


My name is Collin Hunt. I’m 13 years old and attend East Rockford Middle School. I play travel ice hockey and enjoy fishing.