Click clack, clack click,

The story we’re writin’ has to be slick.

Lest the editor come and give us a whoopin’,

We’d better keep the Underwoods goin’ click click.

The reporter came in with a real nice leak

So the story had better be sleek.

Lest the other papers get the story,

We’d better keep the desks groaning creak creak.

Can’t stop the typin’ at all, gotta keep em’ hummin’.

There’s no time for co-workers’ chummin’.

Lest the deadline go by,

We’d better keep them typewriters runnin’.

This could be big, this could be great,

It could give a writer a new slate!

Lest our chance go by,

We’d better have somethin’ worthwhile to celebrate.

Interviews, stories, careers built on this thing.

This wonderful, wonderful, wonderful piece of writing bling!

Lest somethin’ better come by,

We’d better keep using this wonder machine.

The next day the Sunday Papers roll off the presses,

Fashion sections filled with the latest new dresses.

Lest the public respond in ill-favor,

We’d better hope some readers the story fetches.

The delivery boy tosses the paper from his scooter,

That story we wrote made everyone wanna read her.

Lest we get run out of business by them other papers,

We’d better start typin’ with that new computer.


Evan Zeiger, 12, is a seventh-grader at Forest Hills Central Middle School. He’s an A student, a proud “history nerd,” and an accomplished writer — a good combination for this project. He’s also an award-winning young movie director, whose three films have shown at film festivals throughout the Midwest. He has appeared as an extra in several major motion pictures, and as a short film actor. You can find him reading, swimming, golfing, playing tennis, or riding his bike with friends in Cascade Township. Additionally, Evan is the brother of 8 and 6 year old sisters, Rosie and Catie.