“You will make our family proud,” father said.

“You must, if you are to earn a wealthy husband,” mother said.

“See how beautiful and rich we are,” the ladies said.

“See how sensual and alluring the ladies are,” the men said.

“Young bones are soft and break easily,” I said to myself.

I was beautiful.  I was rich.  I was adored.

Then the communist came and took everything.

I could not stand in the fields. I could not work. My husband was dead.

Now I am old and have nothing….except these exquisite little feet.

Aren’t they beautiful?


Steve Frazee, Founder, TEDxGrandRapids  [yup it all runs together like one word]

The author is possessed by a curiosity for culture and its outcome on the human condition. He spends his days extoling the benefits of purpose driven businesses and their ability to decrease suffering and improving wellbeing while generating profits.