Our great thanks to the staff at the Public Museum Archive!

Thank you Andrea Melvin, Alex Forist, Tim Priest and Jared Yax (left to right, in photo above) for letting us poke about and get under foot, and helping us make this happen!  We photographed them in the archive with a favorite object.  If not for the kindness and support of everyone at the Public Museum this project would not have been possible!  All the security guards who made us laugh (or jump!) at way too late o’clock, Dale, Chris and Marilyn, who have been such friends as this progressed, and to everyone who helped us access and find everything form mannequins to artifacts…

Thank you all.

From ArtifactGR: Aaron Bannasch, Mary Butman, Gayle DeBruyn, Sara Fall, Kate Folkert, Jon Hawkins, Bud Kibby, Eric Kuhn, Lou Schakel, Amanda Sherman, Rachel Yarch, Tom Wagner