Heavy duty Silver Dust Blue detergent, you know, for washing clothes.  Isn’t it evident on our packaging?  We clearly show a beautiful Libbey Juice Glass to fully illustrate that our product not only washes baby clothes, work clothes, fine fabrics, walls, linoleum, tiles, dishes, whitewall tires, and all washable surfaces but also gets you started on your very own collection of mid-level quality drinking ware. You’ve undoubtedly heard of the gold leaf process in glass ware decorating.   Well ours is similar to that but done with a far cheaper, less valuable precious metal – silver.  Still the result is the same- a beautiful drinking glass from which to enjoy juice whilst you launder your white walls.   I’m not even sure why any other detergent product is on the market at all.  This one does it all!
Tim Priest
Collections Manager
Grand Rapids Public Museum